Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pressure Washer Equipment – The Perfect Machines for Aviation Maintenance

The cleaning requirements of vehicles and airplanes are worlds apart. A good steam pressure cleaner and some cleaning chemicals will help clean a car in a couple of hours. Airplanes that accumulate plenty of dust, dirt, and grime during long journeys can be more difficult to maintain. If you are wondering about a way to get the entire aircraft clean without spending hours on washing, wiping, and scrubbing, you will be glad to discover that pressure washer equipment has been designed specifically for such applications.

High grade pressure washer equipment in the Super Max™ range from Daimer® are ruggedly constructed versions that offer reliable performance even when used continuously for long periods. Until this breakthrough, workers had to manually clean and maintain planes. The launch of pressure washer equipment solved these issues and made such maintenance jobs simpler.

Super Max™ 12885 JF is super excellent pressure washer equipment suitable for aviation maintenance jobs. By attaining steam temperatures as high as 226ºF and pressure levels of 3500 psi, this pressure cleaner helps dissolve and wash off grime, dirt, grease, and other stains on different parts of airplanes. These versatile power cleaning machines are also endowed with triple function capabilities. As a result, they can function independently as steam pressure washers, cold water pressure cleaners and hot water power washers. Additionally, the 12885 JF runs on jet fuel for easier convenience.

Maintaining airplanes is unbelievably easy and fast if you use the powerful yet user-friendly pressure washer equipment from http://www.pressurewashersmachines.com/