Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Trends in Pressure Washer Equipment

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Pressure washer equipment is more defined for each industry. New features are added and new technologies are introduced regularly to make the cleaning process for virtually all applications easier and more efficient. The following is an overview of some of the latest technologies of pressure washer equipment.

Automatic Shutoff

Daimer®, a top supplier of cleaning products, offers pressure washers with AST® technology. This technology allows the user to control the on and off functions of the machine through the trigger gun. The machines will automatically turn off if there is no output flow through the machine for 30 seconds. Operators can switch on the machine by using the trigger gun as well.

This technology is available for many of Daimer’s electric pressure washers in the Super Max™ series and is particularly useful when cleaning large buildings and public places like parks and stadiums. Automatically shutting off the machine also helps prevent wear and tear.

Long Hose Technology

Long Hose Technology is often used along with the AST® feature. Daimer®’s Long Hose Technology, a feature of all Super Max™ machines, allows operators to use the machine up to 300 feet away without having to actually move it. Often used with stationary machines, this feature can help operators keep the machine in a fixed place, while still reaching other areas.

Another use of Long Hose Technology is with pressure washers driven by a fuel engine. These machines generate exhaust, which can present a problem when used indoors. Using Super Max™ systems with Long Hose Technology enables operators to place the system in an exhaust-friendly location, such as outside, and reach indoor applications with up to 300 feet of pressure hose.

Tri-mode Technology

Tri-mode technology has made pressure washers highly versatile. These machines can provide three types of temperature output: non-heated at room temperature, hot water up to 210°F, and steam temperatures up to 330°F. With all three options, users can operate the machine based on the task at hand.