Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips to Buying Pressure Washer Equipment for Aviation Maintenance

Durable Truck Mounted Pressure Washer
Pressure washer equipment is used for hard surface cleaning and a host of other cleaning tasks as well. The high output pressure and flow rate are suitable for cleaning floors, industrial machines, and other similar hard surfaces. A common use of pressure washer equipment is cleaning aircrafts. The following are some tips that can help someone who wants to purchase cleaning machines for airplane maintenance.

Choosing a Machine
The first thing to check when buying any type of cleaning machine, including pressure washer equipment for aircraft maintenance or auto detailing, is that the machine comes from a reputable company such as Daimer®. Daimer® offers pressure washers with durable construction and advanced features. Their wide variety of cleaning machines ensures the customer can choose a machine that best fits their needs.

Daimer® offers pressure washer equipment specifically for the aviation industry. The Super Max™ 12885 JF features pressure levels of 3000 psi and flow rates of 5 GPM. What makes this machine special is its ability to run on jet fuel, which is already commonly found at airports and storage areas. The 12885 JF also has a heated output with steam temperatures reaching up to 226°F for eliminating tough dirt and grime commonly accumulated on planes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tips to Make Pressure Washer Equipment Work Better

robust pressure washers

Pressure washer equipment has a hard-earned reputation as an extremely powerful cleaning machine. The high output pressure, high output temperature, and practical flow rate of these machines all lead to a powerful output capable of removing almost any kind of dirt or grime from hard surfaces.

Experienced users know that the efficiency of these machines can still be improved. The following are some tips to make pressure washer equipment work faster and smarter.

Buy from Reputable Suppliers
A reputable supplier such as Daimer® retails only quality machines with durable construction. Having steel powder-coated, chip resistant casing will help protect the machine from the wear and tear of regular use. Also make sure the machine is suitable for the job to be completed. Using machines with improper specifications can make the job more difficult to complete.

Use Multiple Guns
Pressure washer equipment with multiple scatterguns makes the work easier and less cumbersome. Multiple guns are handy not only because a damaged gun replacement is always available, but that both the guns can work together and cover a particular area in half the time.

Daimer®, a reputable distributor of cleaning machines, offers pressure washer equipment with multiple scatterguns and durable components.

The company provides machines with sophisticated technologies to make the cleaning process more efficient and faster.