Friday, October 22, 2010

Latest Trends in Pressure Washer Equipment

pressure washer equipments

Pressure washer equipment is more defined for each industry. New features are added and new technologies are introduced regularly to make the cleaning process for virtually all applications easier and more efficient. The following is an overview of some of the latest technologies of pressure washer equipment.

Automatic Shutoff

Daimer®, a top supplier of cleaning products, offers pressure washers with AST® technology. This technology allows the user to control the on and off functions of the machine through the trigger gun. The machines will automatically turn off if there is no output flow through the machine for 30 seconds. Operators can switch on the machine by using the trigger gun as well.

This technology is available for many of Daimer’s electric pressure washers in the Super Max™ series and is particularly useful when cleaning large buildings and public places like parks and stadiums. Automatically shutting off the machine also helps prevent wear and tear.

Long Hose Technology

Long Hose Technology is often used along with the AST® feature. Daimer®’s Long Hose Technology, a feature of all Super Max™ machines, allows operators to use the machine up to 300 feet away without having to actually move it. Often used with stationary machines, this feature can help operators keep the machine in a fixed place, while still reaching other areas.

Another use of Long Hose Technology is with pressure washers driven by a fuel engine. These machines generate exhaust, which can present a problem when used indoors. Using Super Max™ systems with Long Hose Technology enables operators to place the system in an exhaust-friendly location, such as outside, and reach indoor applications with up to 300 feet of pressure hose.

Tri-mode Technology

Tri-mode technology has made pressure washers highly versatile. These machines can provide three types of temperature output: non-heated at room temperature, hot water up to 210°F, and steam temperatures up to 330°F. With all three options, users can operate the machine based on the task at hand.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Role of Pressure Washer Equipment in Aviation Maintenance

Pressure washer equipment plays a big role in the fleet maintenance of aviation companies. Lack of cleanliness can affect both the safety of the aircraft and the image of the company. Sometimes minor problems may turn into issues that are more serious. For this reason, it is important to select the best pressure washer equipment for cleaning aircrafts.

The following are some tips on choosing pressure washer equipment for maintenance of airplane fleets.

Know the Machine

Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines. Top quality, heated pressure washer equipment can provide output pressure levels up to 3500 psi. These machines pair high hot water and steam temperatures with high pressure levels to provide maximum cleaning power for aviation applications.

It is also better to choose machines specifically made for aircraft maintenance. Daimer®, a leading supplier of cleaning equipment, offers the Super Max™ 12885 JF pressure washer specifically made for the aviation industry. In addition to pressure levels of 3500 psi, flow rates of 5 GPM, and temperature levels up to 226°F, the 12885 JF is both powered and heated by JP5 or JP8 jet fuel, making this machine the best pressure washer equipment for the aviation industry.

Use Carefully

Cleaning workers must take precautions when using these machines. The extreme pressure levels of these machines may damage the aircraft or operator if not used correctly. In addition, soft interior surfaces of the aircraft, such as seat upholstery, should not be exposed to the output. For such applications, use of an XTreme Power® carpet cleaner is advised.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Categorizing Pressure Washer Equipment

Pressure washer equipment can be classified into many categories. You can divide these machines based on output temperature, source of power, and mobility, amongst other specifications. The following is an overview of various classifications of pressure washer equipment.


There are three kinds of machines based on output temperature: cold water machines, hot water machines, and steam pressure washers. Cold water machines provide the output at room temperature, hot water machines up to 210°F, and steam pressure washers up to 330°F. Higher temperatures translate to greater cleaning power for the most demanding applications. For added convenience, Daimer® has several pressure washers with tri-mode capabilities allowing the operator to have all three features available with one machine.

Source of Power

Pressure washer equipment is powered by various different sources. In general, these can be classified into two sources: electric motor and combustion engine. Electric machines, as their name implies, are powered by an electric motor that derives energy from a source of electricity. Machines that are powered by a combustion engine use fuels, such as gasoline, propane, or diesel for generating energy.

In general, fuel powered pressure washers are used outdoors where there is adequate ventilation and no noise constraint. Electric machines are mostly used indoors because they produce less noise and no exhaust fumes. However, fuel powered machines can be used indoors if there is proper ventilation and electric machines may be used outdoors with a generator or if an electrical supply is available.


In terms of mobility, pressure washer equipment can be classified into two categories: stationary machines and mobile machines. Mobile machines are generally used outdoors because of their easy portability around large areas such as buildings, parks, and parking garages. Mobile systems are also beneficial indoors, in vast industrial buildings and other large indoor facilities.

For those with stationary machines or fuel powered pressure washers that need to be used indoors, Daimer® offers pressure washers with their Long Hose Technology, which allows operators to reach areas up to 300 feet away. For more information visit

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment: Are High Pressure Levels Important?

High pressure levels make pressure washer equipment ideal for highly demanding cleaning tasks. High water pressure generated by the machine has enough force to remove dirt from hard surfaces quickly and easily, rather than spending large amounts of time scrubbing and wiping. It is important to understand the value of high pressure levels when choosing a machine.

Pressure washer equipment by Daimer® can reach pressure levels as high as 8000 psi. Most pressure washer equipment with very high pressure levels use cold water. Such high pressure levels, however, are not recommended for certain applications, such as car detailing, washing walls, or cleaning machinery. While high pressure levels may not be ideal for applications, a mix of several other features are essential when choosing pressure washer equipment for your factory, store, or contract cleaning business.

High temperatures, for example, can compensate for lack of very high pressure levels. Degreasing operations are best performed using hot water or steam pressure washers. These high temperatures also greatly increase cleaning power for applications where high pressure levels may cause damage, as in auto detailing. Unless used along with a green cleaner, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Ultra Power Degreaser, cold water pressure washers will harden the grease and make it more difficult to remove. Hot water or steam pressure washers melt grease and wash it away. Though steam pressure cleaners do not require a green degreaser, the degreasing process can be enhanced with the addition of an Eco-Green® solution.

Restaurants, hotels, car detailing businesses, and other businesses can greatly benefit from tri-temperature systems. These machines can be operated as cold water, hot water, and steam systems depending on the application. Chief among these types of pressure washers are Daimer®’s Super Max™ 6000 with 750 psi pressure level and Super Max™ 9000, which can reach pressure levels as high as 1500 psi. Daimer® also supplies other Eco-Green® chemicals such as Parts Washer & Cleaner, Car Wash, and Deodorizers.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment – High Pressure Levels Make Cleaning Easy

Good pressure washer equipment uses consistently high pressure levels for achieving maximum cleanliness in minimum time. Pressure washer nozzles eject a stream of water at high pressure. This powerful water jet blasts dirt off the surface.

Pressure washing may also use high temperatures for removing grease, sugar, and proteins. Organic matter and oil tend to coagulate at room temperature. Heat melts them and the spray of water washes away the residue. While pressure levels alone create a powerful force, heated machines allow for quicker and easier cleaning.

Pressure washer equipment also reduces the need for detergents. High pressure levels can remove most dirt, including layers of chemicals or grease, using the mechanical force of the water spray. In some instances where detergents are necessary, pressure washer equipment from Daimer®, such as the Super Max™ 9000, are equipped with a siphon-type chemical application technology. This allows the user to spray detergent on the surface while cleaning to enhance cleaning power and speed up the cleaning process further.

Not all commercial industrial applications require extremely high pressure levels. Machines such as the Super Max™ 15900 have pressure levels as high as 3000 psi and are ideal for cleaning factory floors and manufacturing/processing plants. However, these high pressure levels can damage certain surfaces such as antique wood, car exteriors, and bricks. Machines such as the Vapor-Flo® 8025, with pressure levels of 1450 psi and 0.4 GPM flow rate, are ideal for pressure washing cars, boats, SUVs, and trucks.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Benefits of Gas Powered Pressure Washer Equipment

There are many types of pressure washer equipment available on the market. These include gas powered machines, propane powered machines, diesel powered machines, and electric machines.

Most fuel powered machines work very similarly. The main part of these machines is a pump that is powered by a combustion engine, where a fuel is burned to derive energy. On the other hand, in electric power washers the pump is powered by an electric motor.

Each type of machines has its own advantages. The following are some of the advantages of gas powered pressure washer equipment.


The greatest advantage of gas pressure washer equipment is their portability. Gasoline is easily available in most places and is relatively inexpensive when compared to other fuels. As a result, these machines can be used anywhere gasoline is available.

Portable machines are either attached with wheels or mounted on trucks or trailers. If you are transporting the machine frequently across long distances, a trailer mounted system may be ideal.

Cleaning Power

These machines can provide very high pressure levels and temperature settings. The pressure level can reach as high as 8000 psi and temperature levels up to330°F, depending upon the model. Gas pressure washer equipment can be used for both heavy duty industrial degreasing and commercial cleaning purposes.

It is important to select the right machine to achieve the complete benefit of gas powered pressure washers. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment And Green Chemicals – A Powerful Combination

Powerful pressure washer equipment supplied by Daimer® is known for ability to effectively clean surfaces without having to devote large amounts of time to the project. In addition, this exceptional cleaning action can be further enhanced by using Eco-Green® green chemicals from Daimer® Here are a few examples of how you can combine pressure cleaners and green chemicals.

Trying to remove graffiti from concrete walls is a tough and time-consuming task. Because spray paint is quickly absorbed by concrete surfaces, you have to spend hours scrubbing off the graffiti. Now, thanks to Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover, it is unbelievably easy to remove graffiti. When used along with pressure washer equipment, the nano-sized particles in these green chemicals penetrate concrete surfaces and remove the traces of graffiti.

Cleaning grimy or stained concrete surfaces is another difficult task that demands the use of advanced cleaning machines. The Super Max™ range of pressure washer equipment offers outstanding cleaning results when combined with Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover. This plant-based, non-toxic, and environment-friendly green chemical effectively eliminates tough rust stains, grime, grease, and dirt from concrete surfaces.

Pressure washer equipment designed for truck detailing jobs easily blast away deposits like grease, road tar, dirt, tree sap, bugs, and grease on different surfaces like glass, tires, and vehicle exteriors. The powerful cleaning action of these truck detailing machines can be enhanced by using Eco-Green® Truck Wash. This green chemical instantly softens hardened deposits and makes it easy to clean them off.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Select Pressure Washer Equipment

A number of businesses now turn to pressure washer equipment for industrial degreasing applications. These machines are powerful enough to eliminate tough grease from machinery, floors, and other areas.

One has to consider many factors while selecting pressure washer equipment for heavy duty industrial degreasing jobs, such as power levels, temperature options, and special technologies to make sure the machine not only works efficiently, but also lasts longer.


The power of pressure washer equipment is determined by its output pressure level and flow rate. Output pressure levels can vary up to 8000 psi, and the flow rate can vary up to 8 GPM (or gallons per minute), depending on the model. The higher the pressure level and flow rate the higher the output power of the machine.


Pressure washer equipment can be classified into three categories based on the output temperature: cold water, hot water, and steam machines. Cold water output means the output is at room temperature, and hot water output means the output is at 210°F. The best machines for industrial degreasing are steam pressure washers, which provide output at 330°F. Temperature levels also influence power; as temperature increases, power increases.

For operators experiencing different types of applications, a tri-mode system from Daimer Industries® would be best. These machines offer the benefits of all three options by enabling operators to attain cold water, hot water, and steam temperatures, depending on the application.


A special technology that makes the cleaning process with these machines easier is AST® technology. Machines equipped with this technology can automatically switch off the motor and pump when there is no output through the scatter gun for over 30 seconds. This makes the cleaning process easier by reducing trips back to the machine during breaks, and prolongs the life of the machine by reducing wear.

This technology is a special feature of electric pressure washer equipment from Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning machines and products. For more information about the cleaning systems offered by Daimer®, visit

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment — Advantages of Multi Gun Operations

pressure washer equipment
Pressure washer equipment with a multi-gun feature offers the ability to have multiple users clean at the same time. Daimer® retails industrial pressure washers that can be operated by up to three users simultaneously, when purchased with multi-gun operation. This advantage becomes clear if you think about productivity.

Simply stated, 2-3 people working at the same cleaning job can complete it 2-3 time faster. The multi-gun option has another advantage. The pressure washer function depends on the structure of the nozzle. The design of the nozzle decides the angle at which water strikes the surface. For different cleaning requirements, you need to use different nozzles. Single user pressure washer equipment does not allow the user to apply different nozzle functions simultaneously. This problem is solved when you invest in multi-gun pressure washer equipment where you can use 0°, 15º, 25º, 40º, or steam nozzles together.

Apart from multiple functions and users, the multi-gun pressure washer equipment also supports operations over large areas. Wide factory floors can be cleaned at different points simultaneously, speeding up the cleaning process. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment-Agricultural Applications

Pressure washer equipment is not only used in commercial and industrial settings, it is very handy for farmers and agricultural companies. Most farm equipment gathers soil, mud, and grease during the planting, threshing, winnowing, and gathering processes. Some equipment used for the basic processing of harvest also requires extensive and frequent cleaning to ensure proper functionality. Your choice of pressure washer equipment depends on the level of grime and the availability of electricity in the cleaning area.

Using Pressure Washer Equipment on Farms
A basic cold water machine is perfectly fine for most agricultural applications, where the high pressure levels (up to 5000 psi) compensate for lack of heat. Besides being lighter and cheaper, a cold water machine consumes less electricity or fuel. A good green chemical facilitates better cleaning. To avoid harm to bodies of water and land through runoff, use a plant based, eco-friendly detergent, such as the Eco-Green® line sold by Daimer®. Apply the solution a few minutes prior to cleaning. This allows for the softening of dirt and grease, which the spray of water will clear away. To further enhance the cleaning power, you may wish to consider a hot water or steam pressure washing system, as higher temperatures greatly increase cleaning proficiency.

In general, agricultural implements can withstand high pressure levels as they are made of solid metals. Be more careful with electronic or mechanical devices. If you are working outdoors, away from electricity sources, you should purchase gasoline or propane pressure washers. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Using Pressure Washer Equipment for Public Areas

The tough and durable construction of pressure washer equipment makes it suitable for cleaning public areas, including roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and building exteriors. Places like movie theaters, recreational facilities, stadiums, and parks are also places that can benefit from the use of pressure washing machines. Since these areas are often subject to tough deposits and stains, the strong cleaning power of these machines is well suited for difficult applications. Daimer®, a leading distributer of cleaning products, offers many types of pressure washer equipment for cleaning public areas.

For many, chewing gum removal is one of the toughest tasks when it comes to cleaning roads, sidewalks, and even benches. The line of KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® steam cleaners by Daimer® use a combination of high steam temperatures, vacuum extraction, gum solution, and stainless steel brushes to rapidly remove chewing gum. However, for businesses that require the use of a pressure washer for other applications, Daimer's pressure washing systems can also be used to remove chewing gum. Working differently than steam celaners, pressure cleaners soften gum with high temperatures and blast the residues away with high pressure levels.

Graffiti removal is another tough job that can be accomplished through the use of a power pressure cleaner. When using pressure washing equipment to remove graffiti, it is important to ensure that the pressure levels will not damage the surface that needs to be cleaned. In many cases, adding an eco-friendly cleaning agent can increase the speed and effectiveness of the pressure washing machine. For this reason, Daimer® supplies Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover. This non-toxic, biodegradable solution contains lifters and emulsifiers to virtually raise graffiti right off the surfaces for quick and easy removal. More information about pressure washer equipment

Monday, January 11, 2010

How Green Chemicals Boost the Performance of Pressure Washer Equipment

Green Chemicals
Even though pressure washer machines are some of the most powerful cleaning machines around, adding green chemicals can safely increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

Pressure washer equipment can provide an output pressure ranging from 500 psi to 8000 psi. The maximum output pressure varies for different models. The high output pressure of these machines blasts away various types of impurities, while high temperature levels can soften and dissolve residues. Green chemicals can be used with the pressure washer equipment to ensure that virtually residues are removed entirely.

The best green chemicals on the market fall within Daimer's Eco-Green® line. These environmentally safe substances are often more effective than chemical cleaning agents. Derived from plants and vegetables, they biodegrade quickly, do not harm the environment or the user, and do not leave behind any toxic traces.

With many specialized Eco-Green® formulas to choose from, Daimer® makes nearly every pressure washing task easier. For example, graffiti removal is made quick and easy with the use of a Super Max™ pressure washer and Eco-Green® Graffiti Removal. To remove stubborn rust stains from concrete, consider pairing Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover with your pressure cleaner. Heavy-duty degreasing is another application that can benefit from this duo, combining a pressure cleaner with Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Degreaser.