Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Role of Pressure Washer Equipment in Aviation Maintenance

Pressure washer equipment plays a big role in the fleet maintenance of aviation companies. Lack of cleanliness can affect both the safety of the aircraft and the image of the company. Sometimes minor problems may turn into issues that are more serious. For this reason, it is important to select the best pressure washer equipment for cleaning aircrafts.

The following are some tips on choosing pressure washer equipment for maintenance of airplane fleets.

Know the Machine

Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines. Top quality, heated pressure washer equipment can provide output pressure levels up to 3500 psi. These machines pair high hot water and steam temperatures with high pressure levels to provide maximum cleaning power for aviation applications.

It is also better to choose machines specifically made for aircraft maintenance. Daimer®, a leading supplier of cleaning equipment, offers the Super Max™ 12885 JF pressure washer specifically made for the aviation industry. In addition to pressure levels of 3500 psi, flow rates of 5 GPM, and temperature levels up to 226°F, the 12885 JF is both powered and heated by JP5 or JP8 jet fuel, making this machine the best pressure washer equipment for the aviation industry.

Use Carefully

Cleaning workers must take precautions when using these machines. The extreme pressure levels of these machines may damage the aircraft or operator if not used correctly. In addition, soft interior surfaces of the aircraft, such as seat upholstery, should not be exposed to the output. For such applications, use of an XTreme Power® carpet cleaner is advised.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Categorizing Pressure Washer Equipment

Pressure washer equipment can be classified into many categories. You can divide these machines based on output temperature, source of power, and mobility, amongst other specifications. The following is an overview of various classifications of pressure washer equipment.


There are three kinds of machines based on output temperature: cold water machines, hot water machines, and steam pressure washers. Cold water machines provide the output at room temperature, hot water machines up to 210°F, and steam pressure washers up to 330°F. Higher temperatures translate to greater cleaning power for the most demanding applications. For added convenience, Daimer® has several pressure washers with tri-mode capabilities allowing the operator to have all three features available with one machine.

Source of Power

Pressure washer equipment is powered by various different sources. In general, these can be classified into two sources: electric motor and combustion engine. Electric machines, as their name implies, are powered by an electric motor that derives energy from a source of electricity. Machines that are powered by a combustion engine use fuels, such as gasoline, propane, or diesel for generating energy.

In general, fuel powered pressure washers are used outdoors where there is adequate ventilation and no noise constraint. Electric machines are mostly used indoors because they produce less noise and no exhaust fumes. However, fuel powered machines can be used indoors if there is proper ventilation and electric machines may be used outdoors with a generator or if an electrical supply is available.


In terms of mobility, pressure washer equipment can be classified into two categories: stationary machines and mobile machines. Mobile machines are generally used outdoors because of their easy portability around large areas such as buildings, parks, and parking garages. Mobile systems are also beneficial indoors, in vast industrial buildings and other large indoor facilities.

For those with stationary machines or fuel powered pressure washers that need to be used indoors, Daimer® offers pressure washers with their Long Hose Technology, which allows operators to reach areas up to 300 feet away. For more information visit http://pressure-washer-usa.blogspot.com/2010/05/should-you-purchase-truck-mounted.html