Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment – High Pressure Levels Make Cleaning Easy

Good pressure washer equipment uses consistently high pressure levels for achieving maximum cleanliness in minimum time. Pressure washer nozzles eject a stream of water at high pressure. This powerful water jet blasts dirt off the surface.

Pressure washing may also use high temperatures for removing grease, sugar, and proteins. Organic matter and oil tend to coagulate at room temperature. Heat melts them and the spray of water washes away the residue. While pressure levels alone create a powerful force, heated machines allow for quicker and easier cleaning.

Pressure washer equipment also reduces the need for detergents. High pressure levels can remove most dirt, including layers of chemicals or grease, using the mechanical force of the water spray. In some instances where detergents are necessary, pressure washer equipment from Daimer®, such as the Super Max™ 9000, are equipped with a siphon-type chemical application technology. This allows the user to spray detergent on the surface while cleaning to enhance cleaning power and speed up the cleaning process further.

Not all commercial industrial applications require extremely high pressure levels. Machines such as the Super Max™ 15900 have pressure levels as high as 3000 psi and are ideal for cleaning factory floors and manufacturing/processing plants. However, these high pressure levels can damage certain surfaces such as antique wood, car exteriors, and bricks. Machines such as the Vapor-Flo® 8025, with pressure levels of 1450 psi and 0.4 GPM flow rate, are ideal for pressure washing cars, boats, SUVs, and trucks.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Benefits of Gas Powered Pressure Washer Equipment

There are many types of pressure washer equipment available on the market. These include gas powered machines, propane powered machines, diesel powered machines, and electric machines.

Most fuel powered machines work very similarly. The main part of these machines is a pump that is powered by a combustion engine, where a fuel is burned to derive energy. On the other hand, in electric power washers the pump is powered by an electric motor.

Each type of machines has its own advantages. The following are some of the advantages of gas powered pressure washer equipment.


The greatest advantage of gas pressure washer equipment is their portability. Gasoline is easily available in most places and is relatively inexpensive when compared to other fuels. As a result, these machines can be used anywhere gasoline is available.

Portable machines are either attached with wheels or mounted on trucks or trailers. If you are transporting the machine frequently across long distances, a trailer mounted system may be ideal.

Cleaning Power

These machines can provide very high pressure levels and temperature settings. The pressure level can reach as high as 8000 psi and temperature levels up to330°F, depending upon the model. Gas pressure washer equipment can be used for both heavy duty industrial degreasing and commercial cleaning purposes.

It is important to select the right machine to achieve the complete benefit of gas powered pressure washers.