Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pressure Washer Equipment for Cleaning Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Grounds

Pressure washer equipment may be categorized into heated and non-heated machines. Power washers with a heating mechanism are capable of generating high temperatures ideal for washing away grease, dirt, and even graffiti. There are various power methods available, including both electric powered and fuel powered machines that run on gasoline, propane, diesel, and even jet fuel. Fuel powered machines are suitable for use in outdoor areas where electricity is not available. The Super Max™ 12500 GE, with 3000 psi pressure level and temperature of 330°F, is the ideal pressure washer equipment for cleaning large areas. The Super Max™ 12500 DE offers similar pressure levels and temperature, but with a diesel engine. Both these machines are trailer mountable for covering large tracts of sidewalks, roadways, and public grounds, often running into several miles.

If you want to save on costs or fuel charges, buy non-heated pressure washer equipment. Daimer®’s cold-water pressure washers are powerful machines with high-pressure levels and flow rates. The strong spray emitted from the nozzle washes away most dirt from concrete, stone, metal, granite and paved/tiled surfaces. The Super Max™ 8900C-640 runs on gas and offers pressure levels of 3000 psi while the Super Max™ 8720 is an electric machine with a pressure level of 2000 psi.