Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pressure Washer Equipment: Are High Pressure Levels Important?

High pressure levels make pressure washer equipment ideal for highly demanding cleaning tasks. High water pressure generated by the machine has enough force to remove dirt from hard surfaces quickly and easily, rather than spending large amounts of time scrubbing and wiping. It is important to understand the value of high pressure levels when choosing a machine.

Pressure washer equipment by Daimer® can reach pressure levels as high as 8000 psi. Most pressure washer equipment with very high pressure levels use cold water. Such high pressure levels, however, are not recommended for certain applications, such as car detailing, washing walls, or cleaning machinery. While high pressure levels may not be ideal for applications, a mix of several other features are essential when choosing pressure washer equipment for your factory, store, or contract cleaning business.

High temperatures, for example, can compensate for lack of very high pressure levels. Degreasing operations are best performed using hot water or steam pressure washers. These high temperatures also greatly increase cleaning power for applications where high pressure levels may cause damage, as in auto detailing. Unless used along with a green cleaner, such as Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Ultra Power Degreaser, cold water pressure washers will harden the grease and make it more difficult to remove. Hot water or steam pressure washers melt grease and wash it away. Though steam pressure cleaners do not require a green degreaser, the degreasing process can be enhanced with the addition of an Eco-Green® solution.

Restaurants, hotels, car detailing businesses, and other businesses can greatly benefit from tri-temperature systems. These machines can be operated as cold water, hot water, and steam systems depending on the application. Chief among these types of pressure washers are Daimer®’s Super Max™ 6000 with 750 psi pressure level and Super Max™ 9000, which can reach pressure levels as high as 1500 psi. Daimer® also supplies other Eco-Green® chemicals such as Parts Washer & Cleaner, Car Wash, and Deodorizers.

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