Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Pressure Washer Equipment Are Used For Airplane Maintenance

Airplane Maintenance pressure washers
Pressure washer equipment is among the most powerful cleaning systems available today. However, that is not the only reason these devices are used for airplane maintenance. Safety of the airplane body, versatility of the machines, and efficiency are just a few of the many reasons why pressure washers are the cleaning machines of choice for aviation maintenance.

Output pressure level is the most obvious indicator of the power of pressure washer equipment. The pressure levels of these systems range from 500 psi to 8000 psi. Other indicators of power include the temperature level and the flow rate. Temperature levels range up to 330°F; the higher steam temperatures are suitable for the most challenging applications. Flow rates, the measure of water flow, vary from 0.5 GPM to 7 GPM; higher flow rates translate to greater power but also greater water wastage.

The latest models of pressure washer equipment from Daimer® offer the tri-mode facility. That means one can have cold water, hot water, or steam output, depending upon the nature of the surface and the cleaning application.

If properly used, these machines are safe for both the operators and the body of the airplane. However, it is important to select high quality machines that can withstand the demands of high pressure levels and temperatures to ensure user safety, like those in Daimer's Super Max™ line.

Pressure washer equipment can quickly remove almost all types of dirt and stains, including oil stains, bird splatters, chewing gum residues, blood stains, grease marks, and other types of impurities. To find the best pressure cleaning machines for aviation maintenance, consult Daimer®. Daimer® is one of the most sought-after suppliers of cleaning machines and green chemicals for virtually every application. Daimer®, one of the most sought-after suppliers of cleaning devices, provides the best pressure washer models at present.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Comparative Look at Wheeled and Trailer-Mountable Pressure Washers

When purchasing pressure washer equipment for cleaning applications, one main aspect people look for is portability. This is especially true in the Trailer-Mountable Pressure Washers case of industrial cleaning jobs where vast areas are cleaned on a regular basis. There are two types of portable pressure washers available with wheeled configurations and trailer mountable models.

Wheel mounted machines from Daimer® feature components assembled into a compact design that can easily be mounted on a frame with wheels. This wheeled configuration enables you to push the pressure cleaner near the cleaning area.

Trailer-mountable versions of pressure washer equipment can be loaded onto skids or trucks, allowing the truck to transport the pressure washing machine to the area being cleaned. This is particularly beneficial in the case of heavy-duty pressure washers like the Super Max™ 12300. This 900 lb. unit, though available in a wheel-mounted configuration, can be difficult to move using wheels alone. However, since trailer-mounted models demand ample parking space for the truck adjacent to the area being cleaned, this pressure washer equipment is less versatile than ones with wheeled configurations.

Daimer®, the industry's leading provider of pressure washer equipment, offers nearly all of models in its extensive line of Super Max™ pressure washing machines in wheel-mounted or trailer-mounted configurations. To transform a machine like the Super Max™ 12300 from the wheeled configuration shown on to a trailer mounted configuration, simply remove the wheels. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to Select Good Pressure Washer Equipment

Select Good Pressure Washer Equipment
A quick search on the internet would reveal that several hundreds of brands and models of pressure washer equipment exist on the market. Most people find it hard to choose a good model from the plethora of options available.

The choice of a pressure washer ultimately depends on two things: cleaning requirements and the budget. For example, if one wants to purchase of pressure washer equipment for auto detailing, one must buy a device with a lower flow rate and a reasonably low output pressure rating.

On the other hand, if one wants pressure washer equipment for heavy duty cleaning applications such as industrial degreasing, one should opt for a device that can provide a very high output pressure and high steam temperatures. In addition, the cost of the machine should fit the budget as well.

Whatever the requirement, there is one name that you can trust. Daimer® has earned the reputation as a reliable supplier of cleaning equipment through years of dedicated service. The quality performance of Daimer® products is another factor that makes the brand a favorite with many cleaning professionals.

The company distributes over 600 models of pressure washer equipment through its Super Max™ series. The flow rates available vary from 0.5 GPM to 8 GPM and the output pressure levels vary from 500 psi to as high as 8000 psi. The flow rate and pressure ratings should vary based on the cleaning application.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Benefits of a Well-Equipped Pressure Washer

The Super Max™ pressure washer equipment offered by Daimer® guarantees longevity and durability through the use of the highest quality components in its High Pressure Washersconstruction. With powerful heating coils, durable hoses, and a sturdy trigger gun, all these machines are built to last. This is one thing that is common in all models of pressure washer equipment offered by Daimer® is power.

With features like high flow rates and high pressure levels, these machines are also able to perform multi-gun operations. This allows more than one person to tackle a job at the same time, cutting down on overall time spent cleaning. You also have the option to select a high pressure washer with the right pressure level and flow rate for your specific application. For example, for auto detailing, pressure washers with flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM are available to clean without damaging the vehicle’s body.

For industrial and commercial use, you can choose a pressure washer with flow rates of up to 7 GPM and pressure levels of up to 7000 psi. Whether you are using these machines for industrial applications or for lighter applications, things become much more convenient and safer because of the multi-gun feature that nearly all models can be purchased with.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pressure Washer Equipment for Outdoor Applications

Pressure Washers for Outdoor Applications
Pressure washer equipment that can be mounted on a truck or a vehicle is ideal for cleaning agricultural devices and other outdoor cleaning applications. If you check a store that sells cleaning equipment or search the internet, you will find that there are a number of brands that provide portable truck-mounted pressure washer equipment. However, you have to consider several factors before selecting a portable pressure washer.

The first factor is the source of energy. If you are looking for a device for outdoor cleaning applications, you need to select a machine that has propane or gasoline as the source of power. The reason for this is that electrical outlets may not accessible in outdoor settings.

Generally, the main things people consider while selecting pressure washer equipment are temperature levels, pressure ratings, and flow rate. For demanding cleaning applications, high pressure levels and flow rates are preferable, along with hot water or steam temperatures for advanced cleaning capabilities.

At present, Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning machines, has the most powerful devices. Some of the latest models in the Super Max™ series by Daimer® can provide a pressure as high as 7000 psi. One can find pressure washer equipment that can be mounted on a truck or a trailer in the Super Max™ 6000, 7000, 8700, 9000, and 12000 series. Almost all of these devices are tri-mode. This means the devices can produce all three types of output — cold water, hot water, and steam.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Using Pressure Washer Equipment For Easy Graffiti Removal

pressure washer
Removing graffiti can be a tiresome task, since the canvas is usually a porous concrete wall that quickly absorbs spray paint. Once spray paint is absorbed by walls, it becomes difficult to clean it off. Although there are many methods to remove graffiti, combining high pressure levels with effective chemicals is the most effective.

Pressure washer equipment boasts varied temperature levels, high flow rates, and high pressure levels that work together to dissolve and blast away stains and other residues. When selecting pressure washer equipment for graffiti removal applications, it is important to select high quality machines, like Daimer’s Super Max™ 8720.

The Super Max™ 8720 is an electric pressure washer capable of reaching a flow rate of 4 GPM and high pressure levels of up to 2000 psi. The well-built construction and high-quality components make it the perfect solution for troublesome pressure cleaning jobs as well as wet sandblasting tasks.

To enhance the graffiti removal of pressure washing machines, many operators choose to utilize chemicals. However, not just any chemical will due. Green chemicals specifically designed for graffiti removal, like Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover, are the best choice. Eco-Green® Graffiti Remover is plant-based, readily biodegradable, and non-toxic. In addition to being safe for this environment, this effective formula breaks down the paint molecules and emulsifies them in water, rending graffiti easy to blast off with a pressure washer.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer Equipment for Your Needs

Pressure washer equipment offers high pressure levels and flow rates to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Today, there are several varieties of pressure washers available for specific cleaning requirements.

Daimer® - a leading supplier of advanced cleaning machines – offers Super Max™ pressure washer equipment. In addition to different models of hot water, cold water and steam pressure washing machines, the Super Max® series also offers pressure cleaners with triple-function capabilities.

Cold water equipment such as the Super Max® 8900C-322 is ideal for light cleaning jobs that can be accomplished without the use of hot water or steam. These pressure washers do not use fuel and are compact and light-weight.

By combining the power of highly pressurized water with intense heat, hot water pressure washer equipment creates a fantastic cleaning force that can eliminate grease, grime and tough stains from a wide range of surfaces.

The combination of super-heated steam (up to 330°F) and high pressure levels puts steam pressure washer equipment among the most powerful cleaning forces on the market. By readily dissolving substances, these steam machines greatly speed up the removal of the heaviest grease and other deposits.

Tri-mode pressure washers combine all three of the above-mentioned versions into a single unit. The Super Max® 9000 is a popular tri-mode pressure washer that can generate steam temperatures of up to 330ºF, hot water temperatures of up to 250ºF and pressure levels of about 150 PSI.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Benefits of Propane Pressure Washers

Indoor cleaning applications are best tackled with electric pressure washing machines. However, when you need to use equipment pressure washer in areas where an electrical supply may not be available, then it is best to choose fuel-powered models, like those that run on propane.

The Super Max™ range of propane-powered pressure washing equipment from Daimer® is the perfect combination of power, mobility and versatility. With amazing pressure levels of 3000 PSI and a high flow rate of 5 GPM, the Super Max™ 12500 PE pressure washer offers unmatched cleaning power to handle the toughest degreasing and pressure cleaning tasks.

A propane-powered pressure washer offers great mobility since it does not have to be attached to an electrical outlet. This is especially beneficial when it comes to cleaning large industrial areas. Additionally, these units are ideal for those users who require mobility, but prefer the use of propane over gasoline. The versatile nature of these pressure cleaners is further enhanced by their triple-function capabilities. To enable you to manage all kinds of cleaning jobs, propane powered pressure washer equipment is independently capable of functioning as a hot water pressure cleaner, cold water pressure cleaner and steam pressure cleaner.

The durable construction of Super Max™ pressure washing equipment is on par with its superior technologies. Every machine is ruggedly built with components of the highest quality, from the stainless steel, powder-coated housing to the heavy-duty heating coils. In addition to its quality, the Super Max™ 12500 PE pressure washer is highly versatile, suitable for use on various surfaces, including concrete, stone, stainless steel, brick, tile and aluminum.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Super Max ® 8730 WS – For Pressure Washing With Wet Sandblasting

Unlike traditional pressure cleaners that were solely intended for cleaning purposes, newer models of pressure washer equipment feature lots of additional capabilities like wet sandblasting. The Super Max® 8730 WS from Daimer® is one such example of an innovative pressure cleaner that includes the function of wet sandblasting.

To begin with, the Super Max® 8730 WS is a cold water pressure washer plus wet sandblaster. Pressure levels of up to 2500 psi and high flow rate of 4 GPM make this electric pressure washer the perfect choice for those applications that demand mobility with powerful capabilities of wet sandblasting.

Now let us take a look at the outstanding wet sandblasting system of this powerful pressure washer. Unlike other pressure cleaners that simply remove contaminants from metal surfaces, the Super Max® 8730 WS is able to blast off layers of paint, rust, corrosion and other heavy deposits from metallic surfaces. In fact, this wet sandblaster system is so effective that it amazingly cleans off all traces of deposits and reveals the bare metal. Best of all, this pressure cleaner is compatible with sand grit of varying sizes, plastic pellets and baking soda.

In addition to being trailer-mountable and portable, the Super Max® 8730 WS pressure washer are also available with two gun operations for extra versatility. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pressure Washer Equipments – For Fast And Easy Pre-Treatment Of Metal Surfaces

Pressure washer equipment or power washers are advanced cleaning machines that utilize the power of highly-pressurized water for amazing cleaning capabilities. Often, simple scrubbing is not enough to clean off dirt, grease and paint from metal surfaces. Only pressure washing machines can successfully tackle such demanding cleaning applications.

A pressure washing machine can be classified into various types like diesel/gasoline-based, electric and hydraulic. They may also be divided into cold or hot pressure washer models. Today, some of the best models of power washers come from Daimer®.

For instance, the Super Max® 15800 AF – a powerful, electric, tri-mode pressure washer is capable of attaining a high pressure of up to 2000 psi while maintaining a low flow rate of up to 4 GPM. These stationary machines can be used individually as steam pressure washer, hot water pressure washer and cold water pressure washer.

The Super Max® 15800 AF machines use a downstream injection style of phosphatizing system for pre-treating metal surfaces. This way, the chemical comes in contact with only minimum areas of the metal surfaces, thus preventing corrosion. This cleaning system is perfect for pre-treating metals before applying powder coating or paint primer.

Like all products from Daimer®, the Super Max® 15800 AF is also made from the highest grade stainless steel components.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Max 8900C-322 WS

Pressure Washers Equipment
When it comes to choosing a pressure washer that features power, portability, and durability, Daimer ® is your source. In fact, Daimer ® offers over 600 of the most robust and versatile pressure washer models in the industry. One such machine is the Super Max ® 8900C-322 WS cold water pressure washer.

Unlike other cold water machines, the 8900C-322 WS features Daimer®’s exclusive wet sandblaster kit. Wet sandblasting pressure washing equipment effectively forces sand grit or other media across surfaces at high pressures to actually remove layers of material from the surface. Daimer ® is concerned with the health of its customers. That’s why Daimer®’s Super Max ® 8900C-322 WS uses wet sandblasting as opposed to compressed air sandblasting; as wet sandblasting is a much safer method which does not require the operator to wear a protective suit.

This powerful wet sandblaster pressure washer works like this. First the machine draws sand into the system through the metal sandpoint. Then the sand is carried through a flexible pickup tube into a specialized venturi head where it is mixed with water. The sand and water mix then exits the pressure washer through the nozzle at a high pressure level of 2000 psi. To add versatility to this powerful process, Daimer®’s machine can be used with a wide variety of sand and media sizes.

Sandblasting is often an essential task in commercial and industrial facilities. For these users, Daimer®’s Super Max ® 8900C-322 WS pressure washer is the solution. L