Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pressure Washer Equipment - Graffiti Removal Made Easy

Graffiti has always been a problem for contractors required to maintain clean building facades. Greasy, chemical laden graffiti damages the surface below. Graffiti can tarnish the look of a building and removing them often turns out to be a difficult and time consuming process. To make graffiti removal less tedious, Daimer® offers a range of power washer equipment for cleaning professionals and public works/infrastructure maintenance agencies.

Usually, high temperatures work where cold water does not. Graffiti removal can be sped up with the use of hot water. Many of Daimer®’s machines in their Super Max™ series feature temperatures as high as 330°F. Hot water breaks down the chemicals and grease that form the base of graffiti paint.

In addition to high temperature, the pressure washer equipment should have high pressure levels. High pressure water washes away impurities, ensuring faster and better cleaning. Machines such as the Super Max™ 12880 are able to reach pressure levels as high as 3000 psi. This machine, with temperatures as high as 330°F, offers an additional advantage: it can be trailer mounted. This is a very important factor when selecting pressure washer equipment for cleaning public infrastructure.

If you need to clean large surfaces, miles of roads and sidewalks or walls, and are facing the problem of water scarcity, Daimer® provides the solution. It offers pressure washer equipment that uses less water, and some machines such as the Super Max™ 6120LM have flow rates of only 0.5 GPM.

While electric pressure washers are among the more commonly bought pressure washer equipment, Daimer® also sells gasoline, propane, and diesel powered pressure washers. These machines are used in situations where electricity is not available.