Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Select Pressure Washer Equipment

A number of businesses now turn to pressure washer equipment for industrial degreasing applications. These machines are powerful enough to eliminate tough grease from machinery, floors, and other areas.

One has to consider many factors while selecting pressure washer equipment for heavy duty industrial degreasing jobs, such as power levels, temperature options, and special technologies to make sure the machine not only works efficiently, but also lasts longer.


The power of pressure washer equipment is determined by its output pressure level and flow rate. Output pressure levels can vary up to 8000 psi, and the flow rate can vary up to 8 GPM (or gallons per minute), depending on the model. The higher the pressure level and flow rate the higher the output power of the machine.


Pressure washer equipment can be classified into three categories based on the output temperature: cold water, hot water, and steam machines. Cold water output means the output is at room temperature, and hot water output means the output is at 210°F. The best machines for industrial degreasing are steam pressure washers, which provide output at 330°F. Temperature levels also influence power; as temperature increases, power increases.

For operators experiencing different types of applications, a tri-mode system from Daimer Industries® would be best. These machines offer the benefits of all three options by enabling operators to attain cold water, hot water, and steam temperatures, depending on the application.


A special technology that makes the cleaning process with these machines easier is AST® technology. Machines equipped with this technology can automatically switch off the motor and pump when there is no output through the scatter gun for over 30 seconds. This makes the cleaning process easier by reducing trips back to the machine during breaks, and prolongs the life of the machine by reducing wear.

This technology is a special feature of electric pressure washer equipment from Daimer®, a premier supplier of cleaning machines and products. For more information about the cleaning systems offered by Daimer®, visit www.daimer.com.