Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pressure Washer Equipment – Benefits of Electric Versions

Pressure cleaning machines powered by fuels are widely used by cleaning professionals today. However, you must be aware of the drawbacks of such power cleaners that run on fuels. For example, if you possess a pressure cleaner that runs on propane and propane is not readily available in your area, it can hinder your use. Another drawback is that fuel-powered pressure washing machines give out toxic fumes, which can prove dangerous in poorly ventilated areas. For this reason, more people are now turning to electric-powered pressure washer equipment. Here is a look at the benefits of these electric pressure washers.

The presence of fuel tanks makes fuel-powered versions large and heavy. On the other hand, pressure washer equipment powered by electricity is light-weight, compact and portable. Electric versions are also eco-friendly since they do not emit toxic fumes and operate with less noise. Best of all, quality built electric-powered pressure cleaners from Daimer® do not incur huge maintenance costs.

Daimer® presents advanced models of pressure washer equipment such as the Super Max™ 6000 that is powered by electricity. By attaining pressure levels of 750 psi, this power cleaner simplifies tough cleaning jobs. This is also a tri-mode version that offers you the benefits of hot water power cleaner, cold water power washer and steam pressure washer equipment in a single unit. It can generate steam at high temperatures of up to 330ºF and hot water at temperatures ranging from 180ºF to 210ºF.

To enhance the cleaning action of this pressure washer equipment, you can add detergents through the siphon hose. Detergent-added water and high pressure levels combine to form a powerful cleaning force.