Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tips To Buy Pressure Washer Equipment for Aviation Maintenance

Pressure washer equipment is widely preferred for maintaining aircrafts and airplanes. These machines are powerful and durable. Not many cleaning machines are as suitable as these are when it comes to cleaning hard and rough surfaces. The main weapon these machines wield is their high pressure levels. The output pressure of these machines can vary up to 8000 psi, based on the model. However, buying the pressure washer machine with the highest pressure level may not always work in aviation maintenance. So, how should a person who is not familiar with the aircraft maintenance field proceed? The following tips will help.

Low Flow Rate
One of the most important things in the cleaning process of airplanes is choosing a machine fit for the cleaning task. For instance, the Super Max™ 12885 JF features pressure levels of 3500 psi for eliminating the tough dirt and grease often associated with airplanes. With steam pressure levels up to 226°F, such pressure washer equipment can eliminate grease from engines, wings, wheels, and more. In addition, the 12885 JF runs on jet fuel, commonly found at airports where planes are cleaned. For this reason, jet fuel powered commercial pressure washer equipment is commonly used for maintaining planes.