Monday, January 3, 2011

Pressure Washer Equipment for the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has diverse and stringent cleaning requirements. For cleaning airports, runways, hangars, and airplanes, machines that are versatile and powerful are needed. Daimer®’s pressure washer equipment is constructed of quality materials and built to withstand rugged cleaning operations.

Pressure washer equipment for the aviation industry should be portable. Choose machines that are trailer mountable. Electric pressure washers like Super Max™ 6000 can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning. It has a moderate pressure level of 750 psi for eliminating dirt and grease from planes.

The Super Max™ 12840 is also an electric machine, but has higher pressure levels (2000 psi) suitable for cleaning outdoor areas and hangar floors. Daimer®’s commercial pressure washer equipment is housed in powder coated steel to help prevent chipping and chemical corrosion, and can operate continuously for quick and effective cleaning.

Operators may use non-electric pressure washer equipment for cleaning outdoor areas and airplane exteriors. The Super Max™ 12880 DE, for example, runs on diesel. This powerful machine has pressure level of 3000 psi and flow rate of 5 GPM. Daimer® also offers pressure washers that run on propane or gasoline. Due to exhaust fumes, non-electric machines are not recommended to be used indoors.

Daimer® also offers pressure washer equipment powered by aviation fuel. These systems are designed to be used with JP5 and JP8 fuel types. Because aviation fuel is often easily accessible around airports, this makes finding fuel more convenient.

Such pressure washing equipment as the Super Max™ 12885 JF features pressure levels of 3500 psi, flow rates of 5 GPM, and steam temperatures up to 226°F. Such powerful combinations help eliminate grease, mud, dirt, and other commonly found debris on planes.